Truckload of Money

I have heard from several sources that when you are in a lack mindset, there is money all around you, you just can’t see it. Meaning, the reticular activating system (RAS) in your brain is filtering out the visible evidence of money because you are focusing on the lack. As such, it filters out everything that is NOT lack. This is for your own good, of course, because there are too many prosperous things going on around you that would clutter your lack-filled mind. To keep you from becoming overwhelmed, your RAS steps in to protect you.

So, the premise is, if you tune your mind in to wealth and creating money, you will see the money that you are leaving on tables all around you, and be able to take advantage of them or take action on them.

As I discovered today, however, being aware of the money around you doesn’t necessarily mean it is for you! It may come into your physical reality, but it isn’t always accessible.

Case in point: I amTruckload of money waiting at a coffee shop for an appointment and the Loomis truck pulls up. “Aha!” my RAS says, “there’s a truck load of money.” Then the Loomis guy comes in to the shop with his moneybag, walks towards me (I am in the last seat in the house), and then passes me to enter the back office “employees only” door.

“Shucks,” I mutter. “He didn’t stop to slip me a few bills.”

A few minutes later, he comes back out from the room, passes me by again, and goes back to the truck. This time I notice the gun on his hip. Guess I better not try anything (ha!).

Wait, he’s coming back! Once again, he leaves the truck and returns to the shop. He is headed straight for me again! Maybe my energy told him to come back and accidentally drop a wad of cash at my feet!

Whoosh, he breezes on by again.

“Darn,” I say out loud. “Missed it again.”

Then I notice the delivery guy’s partner at the register. She looks back at me and studies me for a moment. Then she goes to the counter and pays for a snack. Then off she goes back to the truck.

Dag, I thought (keeping it to myself this time). Am I supposed to trip these people so they will give me the money that is all around me? Why did they look but not touch? What did I do to repel them? Why am I pushing the money away?

By the time all of these questions rattled through my brain, the Loomis truck and its occupants had made its way into the lunchtime traffic and driven away.

Wow, my brush with money is uneventful, I thought. But at least I noticed it! Perhaps next time instead of saying, “Show me the money,” I should say “Bring ME the money and put it in my hands and/or bank account!”

Guess, I’ll just have to go speak, write, or polish the prose of others to earn my keep. It’s a good thing I like doing that.

Tanya Brockett is “The Joyful Authorpreneur.” She is the author of The iPad, the Manifestation, and the Law of Attraction, The Loan Solution, and the upcoming title, The Enlightened New Writer: Tips & Tools for a Joyous Publishing Experience. She is a gifted speaker who helps authors and entrepreneurs to prosper on purpose through publishing. To book Tanya as a speaker or for interviews, visit For support in your publishing journey, visit


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