About this Blessed Manifestor

Tanya Brockett is a transformational speaker, published author, and editorial/entrepreneurial consultant located in Crozet, Virginia. She has been helping her clients, readers, and audiences to create positive experiences in their lives for many years. Her awareness of the Law of Attraction, however, is only a few years old. Since learning about being a magnificent creator of her own life, Tanya has been helping authors and entrepreneurs to benefit from this knowledge as they discover their passions, link it to their desires, and set goals to make things manifest in their own lives. Learn more about Tanya as a speaker and coach at www.TanyaBrockett.com.

Tanya was inspired to share this story to show, or remind, others that they can take responsibility for creating life as they want it, rather than just taking what comes. Grab a copy and see for yourself. Then come back and share your story about manifesting things, experiences, or memories in your life.


Share your story about manifesting something in your life.

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