If That’s What You Believe

I watched a video interview recently with Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies Corporation in Minneapolis. Paul is a passionate provider of tools and resources that help us to train our unconscious or subconscious mind. I love listening to his paraliminal technology, which helps me to shift my focus internally, to produce better results externally.

In this interview with Paul, he said something that struck me: “If that is what you believe.” Through a personal story, he shared how a mentor of his challenged him to recognize that what we complain about or say we want is impacted by what we truly believe. If you say, “I’ll never reach this business goal,” his mentor would say, “If that’s what you believe.” It makes you stop and think. “Is that what I really want to be true? Is that what I truly expect to happen?” If it isn’t, make a shift and receive the fact that once you set a goal, it is already there. You just have to step into the vibration of it to see it in your physical reality. If you believe you can’t have it, then you won’t. (You might revisit the “Visualize it” step from the iPad book to help with that.)

In the iPad book, I discuss a step called “Expect It.” It is here that belief shines through so you can truly know, deep inside, that you can achieve your goal. It is possible and you are worthy. But, you have to believe it to receive it.

So next time you say something contrary to your goals or what you want to be true, remind yourself, “if that’s what you believe,” that’s what you will make true.