If That’s What You Believe

I watched a video interview recently with Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies Corporation in Minneapolis. Paul is a passionate provider of tools and resources that help us to train our unconscious or subconscious mind. I love listening to his paraliminal technology, which helps me to shift my focus internally, to produce better results externally.

In this interview with Paul, he said something that struck me: “If that is what you believe.” Through a personal story, he shared how a mentor of his challenged him to recognize that what we complain about or say we want is impacted by what we truly believe. If you say, “I’ll never reach this business goal,” his mentor would say, “If that’s what you believe.” It makes you stop and think. “Is that what I really want to be true? Is that what I truly expect to happen?” If it isn’t, make a shift and receive the fact that once you set a goal, it is already there. You just have to step into the vibration of it to see it in your physical reality. If you believe you can’t have it, then you won’t. (You might revisit the “Visualize it” step from the iPad book to help with that.)

In the iPad book, I discuss a step called “Expect It.” It is here that belief shines through so you can truly know, deep inside, that you can achieve your goal. It is possible and you are worthy. But, you have to believe it to receive it.

So next time you say something contrary to your goals or what you want to be true, remind yourself, “if that’s what you believe,” that’s what you will make true.


Truckload of Money

I have heard from several sources that when you are in a lack mindset, there is money all around you, you just can’t see it. Meaning, the reticular activating system (RAS) in your brain is filtering out the visible evidence of money because you are focusing on the lack. As such, it filters out everything that is NOT lack. This is for your own good, of course, because there are too many prosperous things going on around you that would clutter your lack-filled mind. To keep you from becoming overwhelmed, your RAS steps in to protect you.

So, the premise is, if you tune your mind in to wealth and creating money, you will see the money that you are leaving on tables all around you, and be able to take advantage of them or take action on them.

As I discovered today, however, being aware of the money around you doesn’t necessarily mean it is for you! It may come into your physical reality, but it isn’t always accessible.

Case in point: I amTruckload of money waiting at a coffee shop for an appointment and the Loomis truck pulls up. “Aha!” my RAS says, “there’s a truck load of money.” Then the Loomis guy comes in to the shop with his moneybag, walks towards me (I am in the last seat in the house), and then passes me to enter the back office “employees only” door.

“Shucks,” I mutter. “He didn’t stop to slip me a few bills.”

A few minutes later, he comes back out from the room, passes me by again, and goes back to the truck. This time I notice the gun on his hip. Guess I better not try anything (ha!).

Wait, he’s coming back! Once again, he leaves the truck and returns to the shop. He is headed straight for me again! Maybe my energy told him to come back and accidentally drop a wad of cash at my feet!

Whoosh, he breezes on by again.

“Darn,” I say out loud. “Missed it again.”

Then I notice the delivery guy’s partner at the register. She looks back at me and studies me for a moment. Then she goes to the counter and pays for a snack. Then off she goes back to the truck.

Dag, I thought (keeping it to myself this time). Am I supposed to trip these people so they will give me the money that is all around me? Why did they look but not touch? What did I do to repel them? Why am I pushing the money away?

By the time all of these questions rattled through my brain, the Loomis truck and its occupants had made its way into the lunchtime traffic and driven away.

Wow, my brush with money is uneventful, I thought. But at least I noticed it! Perhaps next time instead of saying, “Show me the money,” I should say “Bring ME the money and put it in my hands and/or bank account!”

Guess, I’ll just have to go speak, write, or polish the prose of others to earn my keep. It’s a good thing I like doing that.

Tanya Brockett is “The Joyful Authorpreneur.” She is the author of The iPad, the Manifestation, and the Law of Attraction, The Loan Solution, and the upcoming title, The Enlightened New Writer: Tips & Tools for a Joyous Publishing Experience. She is a gifted speaker who helps authors and entrepreneurs to prosper on purpose through publishing. To book Tanya as a speaker or for interviews, visit http://www.TanyaBrockett.com. For support in your publishing journey, visit http://JoyfulAuthor.wordpress.com.

Not Enough God in an iPad


Photo by Tanya Brockett

I recently received feedback from a reader questioning my belief in God given the representation in the iPad book (The iPad, the Manifestation, and the Law of Attraction available at http://www.iPadLawofAttraction.com). Apparently, I only referenced “God” directly three times, but I referenced “the Universe” eleven times throughout the book.

The first time God (or the Universe) is mentioned in the book is on page 4:

“I told the Universe (God or Christ within or Divine Source; whatever label you want to put on it) that I wanted an iPad…”

Despite noting that I was open to however the readers wanted to reference God or their Higher Power, the reader felt I was supposed to be more emphatic, and ensure that He, God, was given His due.

The fact is, I do believe in God. I believe in a Higher Power that is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and all that is. But I choose not to limit “Him” or the way He is represented in my life or in our society. God is the great “I AM.” And so it is—in whatever way that means to you.

I happen to believe that the Divine is in all of us (John 14:26), so when this reader also suggested that I was trying to be God by being a creator of my own life experience, I basically agreed. Yep, I am God manifested in physical form; I am not trying to be God. God and I are one, so I have the right to co-create with the Divine. When they pointed to the Bible as the reason I should not make this assumption, I did too. Didn’t He say that I can do greater works than He did if I believe?

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

—John 14:12, KJV

Yes. So if God performed miracles and spoke the worlds into existence, shouldn’t I be able to do something as simple as create an iPad? I believe so. He tells me that I can have what I ask for, as long as I expect it to be so, so I think I am okay going for the iPad, especially if it will be to my highest good (John 14:13-14). If anyone does not believe they have the ability to co-create with God that is okay. They will rise to the level of their own belief.

The reality is, I do not consider myself a very religious person. I am not much for quoting the Bible and using scripture to support my position, so it is a little awkward for me. I do believe in God and have enjoyed reading certain aspects of the Bible, and even enjoy singing praise songs from it on occasion. I don’t feel, however, that God has to be used in every sentence nor referenced every time something good happens in the world. God is good, so I guess I let it go without saying. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful to have the Divine Spirit working in me and through me. I am grateful that there are those who totally live by the Spirit and follow His direction without fail. I just may not say that all the time. For some, they would rather I did.

Thank you, dear reader, for bringing this matter to my attention. I really do appreciate the feedback. It allows me to be mindful of how my words, or lack thereof, can impact my message. I did not intend to take any power away from God; He is the one that gave creative power to me in the first place.

Tanya Brockett is “The Joyful Authorpreneur.” She is the author of The iPad, the Manifestation, and the Law of Attraction, The Loan Solution, and the upcoming title, The Enlightened New Writer: Tips & Tools for a Joyous Publishing Experience. She is a gifted speaker who helps authors and entrepreneurs to prosper on purpose through publishing. To book Tanya as a speaker or for interviews, visit http://www.TanyaBrockett.com.

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